A Brave New World

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4 min readDec 30, 2021

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.” -Steve Jobs.

The images that began to flow out of Wuhan in early January 2020 was the precipice of which we have fallen from. It was the launch signal of all of what has become, and all of what will follow. Though this event is by no means the result of an accidental force of nature, but more a carefully contrived plan, long in the making by nefarious entities with an agenda, it is happening nevertheless. And as fear captivates much of the global population, many are beginning to understand the true complexities of what is going on both now, and all that preceded this point in time.

I’ve been writing about exactly what is going on right now for years, from vaccine passports to controlling the masses through manufactured fear. All the Draconian measures we see rolling out around the World shouldn’t be a surprise, they shouldn’t shock you, well, not if you’ve been paying attention at least.

The world has changed, it has moved on, and this moment in human history will likely go down as one of the most pivotal moments in the evolution of human society. Whether or not the history books tell a tale of humans path to a total global tyranny or to a new world of freedom and prosperity is entirely up to us.

Bravery is going to be our most powerful attribute, without bravery we are vulnerable and will likely fall into a state of despair. Bravery is honourable and infectious.

We must stand by our principles regardless of the law, regardless of societal expectations. We must speak those truths that need to be spoken. We must call out the lies without fear of attack or vilification. We must be strong enough to give up our entire way of life to preserve what is right, what is just.

As Governments race to introduce health passports in order to fully participate in society, we must defy them. Not use forgeries and exemptions, but simply total disregard to the existence of such things.

For some, this could cost them their income, their homes, their relationships and I fully understand that for many, this is just not going to happen. As I said, it requires bravery, exceptional bravery, and it is down to those that have this to take the reins of this monster and lead it back to hell.

But we often misunderstand bravery, sometimes the actions of another can be perceived as an act of bravery, but in reality no bravery was required as the action taker had the knowledge and experience to carrier out the action confidently.

The need for bravery can be diminished by increasing one’s knowledge. If you have the knowledge to be prepared for whatever consequence occurs following a particular action, then it is far easier to be ‘brave’ or is that, ‘appear to brave’, and follow through with your desired action.

An action that could lose you your job is terrifying if you lack the ability, knowledge and confidence to survive without that job. This is exactly why people stay in the same dead-end boring jobs for decades at a time, often for their entire working lives.

But if you know you can just find work elsewhere the same day, hussle a little, change how you live, reduce outgoings and survive perfectly fine without the job, then quitting becomes easy. With a multitude of skills under one’s belt, earning money and surviving is easy.

A different example of this would be speaking out about this insane drive to inject the World’s population with an experimental gene therapy drug still in phase-three trials. If you don’t really have much knowledge on the topic of vaccines and the medical industrial complex, then speaking out can be hard and counter-productive. However, if you study the science, the geopolitics and the history of the medical industrial complex, you can be confident in what you say, answer questions from the opposition with intelligent, well-researched answers.

Vaccines are one topic I am very well researched on and I’ve debated with Doctors, Scientists and hundreds of pro-vaccine types over the past decade. Right now I’m at the stage where I’m so confident with what I know that I’ll always offer up anyone who is in direct opposition to me (typically an angry and confused troll on social media) to a live online stream where we can publically discuss the subject.

I can take actions which may be considered brave to others because I have spent the time to gain the knowledge and thus the fear of being vilified is gone.

“…most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution.” ― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

The World is changing, and it will be down to those that dream of change, dream of ‘a better way’ to find the courage and the knowledge to take civilisation where it needs to go. At this point I believe there is no second chances. The path we take now has no turnbacks or cross-overs, it leads to its destination and stops.

Now is the time to be brave, now is the time to be what you were destined to be, now must be the beginning of great change for the betterment of all, and all of us that can, must assist in the transition.



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