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5 min readDec 18, 2021

The old saying, ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ is actually a false statement in today’s World of central banked issued fiat currencies. The problem is it’s a walled garden and you aint invited to the party, no free fiat for you!

Cryptocurrency on the other hand is run by code, not psychopaths and therefore equality is embedded into its very existence.

Unlike Fiat, Crypto does grow on trees, and while these magical trees are a damn sight harder to come across than 3 years ago, the forest is getting bigger and so finding them is becoming much harder.

What the hell am I on about?

Free money of course and who doesn’t like a little free money!

Here are a few of the opportunities that could reap rewards over the coming months:


Flote is a social media platform driven by free-speech. I’ll get into the project itself in the future, for now though all you need to know is they will be distributing FLOTE tokens to social media users who post content.

So, the more views and interactions your posts get, the more tokens you get. The tokens will be ERC-20 tokens and will utilize the Polygon network to avoid the high transaction fees of Ethereum.

You can sign up for a flote account at

The token is due to be released this quarter, so in the meantime my gameplan is to gain as many followers on the network as possible. The easiest way to do this, is the same as twitter. Follow as many people as you can. A portion of these with eventually follow you. Then once a week I have a clean up and unfollow all those who haven’t followed me back.


Hive is one of the two forks from the Steemit platform. Hive is a continuation from the original developers, and then there is the originally titled Steemit which was hijacked by the TRON network.

Hive is a social media platform built on a decentralised blockchain. Users get rewarded HIVE tokens and HIVE dollars for content they publish. The platform is a little more complex than your average mainstream social media platform(and flote). For example creating accounts involves a small payment or alternatively a long wait on a waiting list. It also requires users to deal with private keys, posting keys and viewing keys. Posts are typically more blog based, using shortcodes to format the content.

The more popular your post is and, the more HIVE you have staked, the more tokens you will receive for each post. Unfortunately because large bag holders get higher rewards the platform is a little overtaken by whales.

But, that said if you post regularly on other sites anyway you can still accumulate a significant amount of tokens over time. I only have $200 staked and a single post rewards me anywhere from around $0.20 to $1. Occasionally if you have a post that goes viral you can get $100 — $200 in rewards.

As with Flote, the key is followers. But also, high staking followers. If a high staking follower ‘likes’ one of your posts it will add far more to your reward than someone who does not stake anything. So look for high stakers, follow them, interact with them and try and get a return follow (without asking).

All of the above also applies to Steemit.


Lbry is a content sharing platform built on their own blockchain. They have mobile, desktop and browser apps. The mobile app and desktop app also act as nodes, helping to keep the content decentralized. Media content is distributed in a similar way to bitTorrent, where by when you download a video for example, you become a seeder of that file in the network.

Odysee is the web client alternative for viewing content on the LBRY blockchain.

As with both Hive and Flote, LBRY also rewards users with token. You are rewarded for using the app, for reaching various milestones with your followers. There are random rewards for watching content and as to be expected the largest amount of tokens are rewarded to content creators.

While LBRY is often thought of as a video sharing platform, it is also possible to write posts, much in the same way on Hive. Using shortcodes it is possible to blog on the platform. I myself share all my content from my website to the platform. This benefits me in to ways, one, it ensures my content is protected forever on the blockchain and two, it gives me another little passive income from each post.

The same rules apply as with the others, build a following, interact, post content.


Of course it is highly unlikely every single one of these platforms are going to survive, and as time goes on more and more are popping up. But, it doesn’t need to take up much of your time particularly if you already post content on mainstream social platforms such as twitter and facebook.

Just have a browser preset with all the platforms in different tabs.

Then copy and paste your post into each platform and publish. If setup correctly it should only add an addition 30 seconds to your time., formerly known as pocketnet is a great example of where this paid off for me. I posted from when the site first went online, built my following by following others, posted 5 posts a day for a year. Then when the token finally got onto an exchange I sold the lot for a considerable sum. (Approx $15k).

As for LBRY, well, in the several years since I first begun sharing content there I have been rewarded LBRY credits in excess of $100k (if I sold them all at their peak, which I didn’t, because I’m not psychic)

While Bastyon still rewards users for posting, the payouts have decreased considerably. The same is also true for LBRY and Hive.

Flote, however, well, you have the first movers advantage. The platform is still in Beta and the token has not even been released yet.

There are always opportunities to generate some cryptocurrency without any investment other than your time. Yes, the bad news is it does require a little of your precious time and there are no guarantees that your time will be rewarded. However, in my experience your time will be very well rewarded…… eventually.



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