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6 min readDec 30, 2021

A new reality within our own existing reality is coming. In fact, at a primitive level, it is already here. A reality where our greatest desires will be carefully crafted, brought to our attention and sold to us. A World which holds no moral or ethical boundaries, a world where you can be whoever you want to be, hell, whatever you want to be.

No limitations, no boundaries, no problem.

The Metaverse will see the greatest shift in our existence since the industrial revolution. It’ll change our way of life and the meaning of living itself.

The entire eco-system of our society is being duplicated into a new AI driven reality that can be customized at an individual level, delivering to you a reality you could only dream of.

You will work, play and die in the Metaverse. You will have everything you could ever want, while simultaneously owning nothing, and you will be happy.

Well, that is probably how the WEF will advertise this.


If you are anything like me, this concept likely sounds very disturbing. Actually, it sounds horrific, something of dystopian sci-fi movies like Stephen Spielberg ‘Ready Player One’.

The Oasis described and seen in the movie is the Metaverse. This was no sci-fi movie, this was a movie about where we are heading, whether by intention or by accident — this is what it is, this is the future that awaits us.

The Metaverse will eventually be a place of work for most, a place where we go for entertainment, for romance, for family gatherings.

The scariest part is, most people will be queuing up for this. We have a generation of young people who have been born into a World where having the World in their pocket, a World where sharing every experience with a mostly anonymous audience is ‘normal’

This confused and disconnected generation shares their own experiences. They upload photos and short video clips attempting to be something they are not in the real world to the unknown World inside their smart phone.

This generation has already accepted this new reality that awaits them, they’ve been living in a primitive form of it since they were born. I call it the Betaverse.

Our daily lives are dopamine driven, from the minute we wake up, to the minute we go to sleep at night. We have become dependent on it, addicts.

For most, life without their smartphone is unthinkable, life without the ability to check for social appreciation likes, loves, laughters and cuddles is a distressing state to be in. Everything is after our attention, literally everything and the Metaverse will take this addiction, this euphoric dopamine hit so many crave for to a new level.

Once we are sucked into this new reality, few will be able to pull themselves away. The withdrawal symptoms will be catastrophic. In the dopamine driven world we live in today, suicide is at epidemic levels, depression and mental health issues are at epidemic levels — all of this can be attributed to the brain’s attempts to balance our pleasure-pain receptors.

When we find pleasure, our brain attempts to rebalance, initially overshooting, before then finding homeostasis. However, each time pleasure is found, we release dopamine. This surge of dopamine keeps us searching for more. And, there is plenty to find, our social feeds are endless, TV on demand is endless, the shopping malls are like expanding universes in their own right.

Everywhere we look, there is something to entertain us, something designed to feed our pleasures.

When we are in a constant state of dopamine releasing pleasure, eventually our brains say, “screw this, we’ll leave the counterbalance on indefinitely”.

In the following interview, Anna Lembke talks about this pain-pleasure mechanism and the catastrophic effects it can have and is having on society.

It’s a long interview, but I recommend you watch it in its entirety.


The news that Facebook was changing their name to META[1] came of little surprise to me. When you see what their research teams have been up to over the past decade, coupled with their large audience and their continual advancing AI algorithms that try to give us what we want on their platform be we even know we want it, well — the next step was obvious.

META will likely be at the forefront of this new reality, with over two billion users on their Facebook platform alone, and the technical infrastructure already in place. It’s only a matter of time. And not long if Zuckerberg’s ‘conservative estimates’ in the following interview are to be believed.

Social media will be a thing of the past. There will be full visual and sensory hangouts with friends in the metaverse.

But, it goes much further than just a virtual reality where we meet and play together. The entire (virtual) space will be monetized within its own economic eco-system. Want a new ass for your night out with friends in the Metaverse? No problem, this can be yours at a price.

But let us take this one step further, who is making the ‘ass’? Well, there will be plenty of jobs in the Metaverse, from salesman, to moderators(police), to prostitutes, to ass makers!

The metaverse can replicate just about every part of our current reality, providing work, relationships, gambling and everything in-between.


Is it a coincidence that this brave new world, being duped the Metaverse, comes along at a time when locking people down in their homes over fears of a virus, has become the new normal?

A time when we are told that pollution is destroying our planet and we are all going to die unless we cut CO2 emissions.

The Metaverse solves all these fabricated problems in one hit.

Just wake up in the morning, drink your government issued nutrition shake, designed to give you all you need to survive in one day in a single drink. Sit in your favourite chair and connect to the metaverse. No transport emissions, no kitchen appliances, no complex food supply chain, no problem!


It is very easy to just look on in horror, moan and complain to our friends about where the world is heading and ultimately bury our head in the sand. But this approach is not going to do anything except make you depressed and leave you on the scrap heap to die.

Our dislike and denial of the emerging technologies and societal changes coming our way have no power. It’ll likely happen anyway.

It is far better to understand where things are heading, and where possible profit from it. Extract every penny you can from the space to ensure you have the financial freedom to live outside of ‘their’ hell hole.

Act now and you are early to the game. This will be bigger than Bitcoin, bigger than the Dot-com bubble, bigger than the industrial revolution. Right now, the metaverse now is where bitcoin was when it was under a dollar.


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